Video Assignment

beggars cant be choosers snapshots

The purpose of this post is to show the skills I have learned in using final cut pro in which I have used to create my own short film. Some of the skill sets I learned within this program include importing content, altering content by adding and removing sound, blending different video clips with the use of transitions, entering text to the video, and exporting the video in the correct format.

This video was originally made to be about the life of my dog Zoey. With uploading the video content to my laptop came problems. Because of these problems, my video turned into footage about my dog begging for and ultimately receiving a treat. That then led to the name of my video: Beggars can’t be choosers. To keep the direction of my short video I created a story board to stick by and make my video accordingly.

Besides the fact that I lost most of the footage I shot, I think the most challenging part of this assignment was rearranging the footage I shot to create a decently flowing video. Cutting clips and repositioning I admittedly thought was fun even though I ran into a few instances where things didn’t go my way and I had to spend many minutes fixing and rearranging one measly video clip. I was fortunate enough however to complete the assignment fairly easily and quickly. I actually enjoyed using Final Cut Pro.

Song: “You got a friend in me” by Randy Newman


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