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In this assignment I was required to create a BrandYourself profile for myself. With creating this profile I was able to sort through all of the search results that came up from my name and decide which ones were me, which ones weren’t, and which ones were positive or negative. My report card as you can see from the image above isn’t too great. A good chunk of the sites that came up in the search were not any of mine. I also had one negative site come up in the search that wasn’t mine. To improve my results I submitted a high quality profile or personal website, I published a BrandYourself profile, and I got my search score. I was really surprised to see how many websites that came up in the search had information about me that I didn’t know existed. Most of those were about my pole vault and gymnastics careers. It was really weird finding a website that had information about gymnastics meet results I took part in back in my elementary and middle school days (as far back as 2005). I don’t have very many personal websites or profiles out there so I think that once I increase my internet presence my report card grade will get better.

I think that this site could be really useful. It was cool to know how many sites were out there under my search name. It was interesting to know too that there was a negative site that came up in my search. This can be super useful when getting into the professional industry because if there are companies searching you on the internet it is important to know what will pop up. I was also recommended to upload a profile to both my twitter account and my BrandYourself account. What I realized was that it would actually benefit me to make sure all of my profile pictures and profile information are consistent or similar. If someone searches me it should be easy to see which of the sites from the search are actually mine and it makes it easier if there is correlation. This seems even more important to me now that I know there were negative searches that came up, I don’t want to get mixed up with that search result.



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Happy Holidays photo taken from:

I used InDesign for this assignment to create a holiday post card. This program I found a lot easier to work with than photo shop. It was easier for me in this program to drop photos and create images and designs myself like I did on the back side of the postcard. I found this program pretty user friendly which I liked a lot for myself. I think it would be super easy for others to pick up the program and get the hang of using it. The only problem I had with the program was the exporting part. I had set my dimensions to a 5×7 like a post card and when I went to export it as a JPEG it was creating a super tiny image. I had tried to start over and do it again because I thought it was just a set up problem like I entered the dimensions wrong but I found that trying again it did the same thing. I tried exporting it in different formats but I ran into the same problem every time.

I think this program is super useful. In the near future when I have to start thinking about and creating business cards I can see myself using this program to do so. I’m sure that there are websites and other programs out there that do the same thing but I liked that I could create it absolutely from scratch instead of working with a template. I could create this exactly the way I wanted to much like I could do with a business card.



Key Terms for my Blog

  •  Marketing (550,000 monthly searches)      
  • Media (368,000 monthly searches)      
  • Blog (1,220,000 monthly searches)      
  • Advertising (135,000 monthly searches)     
  • Media technology (1,600 monthly searches)     

Alternative Terms

  • Internet Marketing (55,450 monthly searches)    
  • Social Media (487,790 monthly searches)    
  • Create A Blog (106,100 monthly searches)    
  • Online Advertising (32,370 monthly searches)    
  • Marketing Social (84,300 monthly searches)   

My blog allows me to use marketing and advertising media technology in which I connect to social media to promote myself, my knowledge, and my skill sets.

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Photo taken as a screen shot using Google AdWords

The purpose of this blog post is to showcase my knowledge in the use of Google AdWords as it corresponds with SEO and SEM. I think that the use of this program is extremely helpful and beneficial when dealing with online marketing and advertising. By using Google Adwords you can see what keywords people are searching and how many of them are searching. By choosing specific keywords, a company could increase sales and awareness of themselves or their products.

I liked this assignment because I thought it was interesting to see what people were searching and what words were most searched. I don’t know if at the moment the program is useful to me as I am not trying to promote anything but I can see the importance of knowing Google AdWords in the future business world. I liked that I could enter a word and find other words that were related to in search, which extremely beneficial. If you know one word people are searching, you can find out many more related ones.



IMG_2080Zoey 2

(Before)                                                     (After)

  • Photo taken by Olivia Kitz

For this photoshop project I edited a photo of my dog Zoey. My sister had sent this picture to me a while back through Snapchat. As you can see from the first unedited picture there is the Snapchat timer in the top right corner. I find this extremely annoying. There are always times when someone sends me a picture that I think is super cute or super funny through Snapchat but I never want to post them because of the number in the top corner. I’ve tried to crop them out of some pictures and sometimes it works but then sometimes the main subject of the photo takes up too much of the screen and I would have to crop out part of the picture and it would be ruined. I saw this photoshop project as a perfect opportunity to edit the timer out of this photo as I have always wanted to. I also decided to add a black and white filter to it because I have kept a photo album of my dog in all black and white pictures so it was perfect. Now I have an excuse to  get this printed.

I thought this assignment was particularly difficult. I had originally planned to use a different picture of Zoey and I was just going to add a tennis ball to the ground in front of her. After countless trials and trashing of attempts I decided that I just couldn’t get the picture to look the way I wanted it to. This was my first time using photoshop so I don’t know if I was just using it wrong and that’s why the edit was turning out bad, but I know that I will most likely continue to practice using photoshop. I’m bound to get the hang of it eventually. I am glad however that I turned to this photo and edit because it is extremely useful. I don’t find too often that there a photos I want to add or delete objects from so this I can actually put to use countless times, whether it be for more photos my sister sends me of my puppy or pictures of my friends and I.