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In this assignment I was required to create a BrandYourself profile for myself. With creating this profile I was able to sort through all of the search results that came up from my name and decide which ones were me, which ones weren’t, and which ones were positive or negative. My report card as you can see from the image above isn’t too great. A good chunk of the sites that came up in the search were not any of mine. I also had one negative site come up in the search that wasn’t mine. To improve my results I submitted a high quality profile or personal website, I published a BrandYourself profile, and I got my search score. I was really surprised to see how many websites that came up in the search had information about me that I didn’t know existed. Most of those were about my pole vault and gymnastics careers. It was really weird finding a website that had information about gymnastics meet results I took part in back in my elementary and middle school days (as far back as 2005). I don’t have very many personal websites or profiles out there so I think that once I increase my internet presence my report card grade will get better.

I think that this site could be really useful. It was cool to know how many sites were out there under my search name. It was interesting to know too that there was a negative site that came up in my search. This can be super useful when getting into the professional industry because if there are companies searching you on the internet it is important to know what will pop up. I was also recommended to upload a profile to both my twitter account and my BrandYourself account. What I realized was that it would actually benefit me to make sure all of my profile pictures and profile information are consistent or similar. If someone searches me it should be easy to see which of the sites from the search are actually mine and it makes it easier if there is correlation. This seems even more important to me now that I know there were negative searches that came up, I don’t want to get mixed up with that search result.


3 thoughts on “BrandYourself

  1. It sounds like we ran into some similar situations when it came to branding ourselves. I know that for my search I did end up receiving a score that wasn’t so good and also finding one other harmful piece. Using this site encouraged me to watch the things that I post about myself and it seems like we both took away some similar experiences. I enjoyed reading a navigating through what you went through as well. Nice post.


  2. I really like how in depth you went, it was really easy to understand and follow what you did and how you were able to get to your final product. I also got a bad grade on mine but that can also be beneficial because then you are able to control what you want at the top opposed to having nothing. I also like the layout of your site because it’s appealing but easy to read. Great job!


  3. I’ve heard that many people had low scores at first. I wonder if thats a common trend outside our class. I like how you wrote this as an informative way to share this information. I think my friends and family could really benefit from doing this process themselves.


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