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Screenshot, Alex Kitz, Piktochart, November 18,2015

 For this assignment I used piktochart.com to make an infographic. In this website you can use previously made templates or create your own infographic completely from scratch. These infographics can be used to make a more visually appealing set of statistics or directions on how to do something. I think that businesses can really take advantage of this. If they want to get across facts in a way that isn’t too boring for others to read, this is the way to do it. There are so many reasons for which this website can be used it is hard to list them all but these could be example of a few

  • How to’s
  • Business statistic information
  • “About us” pages
  • posters encouraging action in some type of event
  • presentations
  • Business reports
  • comparisons
  • introduction of new product/event/idea

I liked using this website a lot. I thought it was easy to use and it was easy to come up with creative ideas which I liked a lot because I don’t see myself as a particularly creative person. I think its a really cool and unique way to present things and I like that it is so versatile in the way it can be used. I liked this assignment a lot and I can definitely see myself using piktochart.com in the future.


3 thoughts on “InfoGraphic

  1. kramerwi says:

    I liked how you stated the different uses for an infographic. I don’t use Pintrest and could easily follow this to see how to work it, and now the website actually makes sense to me. Great job!


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