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Networking #2


Photo taken by Hannah Roberts, December 2, 2015.

This is a photo of me and my friend Dorian who is a member of Young Professionals Grand Rapids at a meeting about Jeunesse, he is the one who introduced me to YP and Jeunesse.

This opportunity I was apprehensive about at first because I felt it wasn’t something I could see myself doing. I was glad that I went to this meeting though because Luke- the guy who started YP and Vemma at Michigan State came along with Alex- a guy who is one of the most influential players a part of Jeunesse in Michigan to speak about their experiences in their programs. They talked about how they grew up and their experience with school and how they got started in their YP programs.

I thought it was especially cool how they kept on talking about how they were in the business because it was something that they were really passionate about and because it was a program that was all about helping other people. They kept on mentioning that Vemma and Jeunesse were businesses in which you couldn’t succeed unless you helped someone else succeed. I think this is awesome especially now-a-days when competition is so tight and sometimes nasty. There are always people trying to outrun other people and companies trying to outrun other companies so this was refreshing.

Overall this was a really eye opening experience and I can definitely see myself going again, maybe not to join the program (at least not yet) but to hear how people’s lives are being changed for the better.