IMG_2080Zoey 2

(Before)                                                     (After)

  • Photo taken by Olivia Kitz

For this photoshop project I edited a photo of my dog Zoey. My sister had sent this picture to me a while back through Snapchat. As you can see from the first unedited picture there is the Snapchat timer in the top right corner. I find this extremely annoying. There are always times when someone sends me a picture that I think is super cute or super funny through Snapchat but I never want to post them because of the number in the top corner. I’ve tried to crop them out of some pictures and sometimes it works but then sometimes the main subject of the photo takes up too much of the screen and I would have to crop out part of the picture and it would be ruined. I saw this photoshop project as a perfect opportunity to edit the timer out of this photo as I have always wanted to. I also decided to add a black and white filter to it because I have kept a photo album of my dog in all black and white pictures so it was perfect. Now I have an excuse to  get this printed.

I thought this assignment was particularly difficult. I had originally planned to use a different picture of Zoey and I was just going to add a tennis ball to the ground in front of her. After countless trials and trashing of attempts I decided that I just couldn’t get the picture to look the way I wanted it to. This was my first time using photoshop so I don’t know if I was just using it wrong and that’s why the edit was turning out bad, but I know that I will most likely continue to practice using photoshop. I’m bound to get the hang of it eventually. I am glad however that I turned to this photo and edit because it is extremely useful. I don’t find too often that there a photos I want to add or delete objects from so this I can actually put to use countless times, whether it be for more photos my sister sends me of my puppy or pictures of my friends and I.