Key Terms for my Blog

  •  Marketing (550,000 monthly searches)      
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  • Blog (1,220,000 monthly searches)      
  • Advertising (135,000 monthly searches)     
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Alternative Terms

  • Internet Marketing (55,450 monthly searches)    
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My blog allows me to use marketing and advertising media technology in which I connect to social media to promote myself, my knowledge, and my skill sets.

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 4.13.53 PM

Photo taken as a screen shot using Google AdWords

The purpose of this blog post is to showcase my knowledge in the use of Google AdWords as it corresponds with SEO and SEM. I think that the use of this program is extremely helpful and beneficial when dealing with online marketing and advertising. By using Google Adwords you can see what keywords people are searching and how many of them are searching. By choosing specific keywords, a company could increase sales and awareness of themselves or their products.

I liked this assignment because I thought it was interesting to see what people were searching and what words were most searched. I don’t know if at the moment the program is useful to me as I am not trying to promote anything but I can see the importance of knowing Google AdWords in the future business world. I liked that I could enter a word and find other words that were related to in search, which extremely beneficial. If you know one word people are searching, you can find out many more related ones.