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Social Media Management

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 4.17.46 PM.pngScreen Shot 2015-11-17 at 4.17.33 PM.png

Screenshot, Alex Kitz, Tweetdeck, November 10,2015

For this assignment I used Tweetdeck to schedule twitter posts to my profile. I like this website a lot. You can create separate personalized columns for updates you want to receive. You can choose what hashtags or people you specifically want to receive updates from and they will be separated into their own column away from all of the other clutter received from your newsfeed. The coolest feature to me is that you can schedule tweets ahead of time that way you don’t have to be on twitter the exact moment you want to create and post an update. Most of the time the things I post on my twitter are completely spontaneous and I feel like that is the way it is for most people, although there are specific people and pages that can utilize this feature.

If one were to run the twitter page for a business this website would be a really great one to utilize. If there are promotions you want to get out to people through this media outlet, you can schedule a tweet ahead of when you want it to post to your page. This is beneficial because you aren’t required to be on twitter at that moment of the post. If for some reason there is a critical time that you must post for this, say a sale or a release of information, this is the perfect way to get the message out there timely.

I really liked using Tweetdeck, I thought it was super easy to use and it has many beneficial features. I will definitely be using this website in the future.